Portland Phoenix

Waiting for Godot

Delamater has an old-timey showman's charisma

Portland Phoenix

Death by Design

The preternaturally adaptable Delamater, as Eric, is ever a pleasure to watch: the nuance with which his rabble-rouser navigates the various British classes and personalities, and his own impulses, is at once subtle and perfectly suited to farce.

Megan Grumbling, The Portland Phoenix


Through Parker and Delamater’s remarkably empathetic performances, any one version of the couple comes to feel like the sum of its multiplicity. And its exquisite final moments, Constellations lets Marianne and Roland waltz in the vastness of their possibilities. As Marianne and Roland dance, their infinite choices — and the limits of knowing only one at a time — scintillate in the air. We might feel our own myriad selves hovering somewhere close.

Portland Pheonix

Romeo and Juliet

Delamater, fearsome and ripped in a modified track suit....Delamater's Tybalt is a wall of hateful fire against all Montague allies.

Portland Phoenix

Next Fall

Matt Delamater, evocative in a difficult, elusive role...

Portland Phoenix

Gross Indecency

Matt Delamater, excellently predatory

Broadway World

Life During Wartime

Matt Delamater (Tommy) provides super glue acting to keep his broken character together. Delamater gives a multi-layered performance that is genuine and honest, providing a strong lead, emotionally and physically, for the rest of the cast to create with.

Dave Patterson -

Romeo and Juliet

Tybalt is given combustible gravitas by Matt Delamater as a single-minded powerhouse whose raison d’etre is to kill Montagues.

Portland Phoenix

Swimming in the Shallows

Oh, and that shark? A simply jaw-dropping Matthew Delamater, who's worth the price of admission several times over.

Portland Phoenix

Swimming in the Shallows

Finally, two performers in three of my favorite individual performances:...Second, the ever-protean Matt Delamater, as a shark in DRC’s Swimming in the Shallows, made more than this one jaw drop with his fluid, arrogant grace, his carnivorously erotic gaze, and, on the dance floor, his truly awesome sharking.

Sun Journal

Death of a Salesman

Matt Delamater delivers a solid performance...He displays a deep dramatic talent in clashes with his father over his aimless job-jumping and attempts to “find himself.” Delamater has become one of the area’s finest actors in just a few years...